Northern Tasmania Cycling Forum

Now is an exciting time for cycle tourism in Northern Tasmania.  Having been identified in our recently launched destination management plan, cycling is a potential game changer for Northern Tasmania. The North has always lead the way in road cycling having produced some of Australia’s greatest cycling exports such as Michael Wilson, Michael Grenda, and more recently Wes and Bernie Sulzberger, Richie Porte and Matt Goss.

TNT recently held a cycle tourism forum on Tuesday 17 June 2014 at Country Club Tasmania.

The event filled the room with nearly 80 people all eager to hear and heard from an expert panel of 14 speakers from around the state, country and from overseas. 



"Today was fabulous.  Thank you so much for putting the speakers together. They were all very interesting. I have learnt heaps." 


"It’s got my brain working overdrive (a good thing!) and generating new ideas for the classroom as well. Look forward to seeing how cycling will progress in the Tassie market." 


"I had the opportunity to talk to some I know – they were blown away at the participation and the learnings – most seemed to have come to be informed (passive), not to learn (active).  So WELL DONE to you all for demonstrating what a regional organisation can do!!!"


 "Yesterday’s forum was simply excellent.  It is one of the best forums I have been to. It was fast and furious (so it was hard to get board), and most importantly it was very relevant and very timely." 


"I really enjoyed hearing the information and networking with people. It was a fabulous venue with beautiful catering and easy parking. I very much look forward to the next one and all the best with your planning. It's wonderful to see an organisation being so proactive and open, and certainly on the ball with strategic outlook."

"A real insight from experienced industry professionals into the cycle tourism market in both Australia and abroad. The speakers also helped answer some fundamental questions regarding my own potential business that is in the planning stages."

"I thought Troy's insights were both relevant and thought provoking. The message I clearly got was we need to understand what it is that we want and I feel that he may have been saying Road, MTB and Rail/Trail might be too big a jump we need to focus on one and do it right rather than spread ourselves thinly over to many projects and do none of them well." 


"I really liked the presentations that I ranked and because they had different messages, I don't necessarily think one was 'better' than the other. The different voices were needed and complemented each other." 


"The true value is that I got the full picture. I learnt something about the latest cycling data, what's happening locally, excellent case studies of how other regions (Fruita and Forrest) have done it, some tips on marketing to cyclists and, as important as anything, the perspective of the cyclists themselves (Dallas Frost and Noel McFarlane)."


"A perfectly rounded list. When I saw the program, I was surprised to find I wanted to hear what EVERY SINGLE PRESENTER said. When I got there, I found I was not disappointed by any one of them -- perhaps even more amazing!"

"This was perhaps the most relevant, informative and interesting forum I have been to, in anything to do with economic development or tourism. First-class job folks. well done.   If I had to pick just one element, it would be the case studies from Fruita and Forrest. Brilliant to hear what worked and what didn't."


 "It was great to hear in person and talk to people closely involved in the development of successful destinations such as Fruita and Forrest rather than reading about these successes elsewhere." 




Click here for the program of the day including agenda, speaker profiles and abstracts.



If you happened to miss it, that's a real shame, but we have some of the presentations from the day available to download. Of course, reading a powerpoint is never quite the same as listening the speaker explain it, but hopefully can put the pieces together and still gain something from reading them. 

Click a presenter name to see their presentation as a PDF.

Penny Spoelder - TRC Tourism, NSW

Troy Rarick - Over the Edge Sports and Fat Tire Festival, Fruita, Colorada, USA

Norm Douglas, The Corner Store, Forrest, Victoria

Rick Dunn, Meander Valley Council, Tasmania

Simon French, Dirt Art (builder of Hollybank), Tasmania

Emma Pharo, Bicycle Tasmania

Noel McFarlane, cycle tourist, NSW

Dallas Frost, Crowe Horwath, Tasmania

Phil Latz, Bicycling Australia, NSW

Christian Haag, BikeSA, South Australia

Harry Barber, cycling advocate (warning, this presentation is image driven, and will probably not make much sense if you weren't there to hear his presentation)

If you've developed an interest in cycle tourism but don't know where to get started, feel free to contact Tourism Northern Tasmania on 6380 6099 or email