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Nominations close Monday 30th November 2015.

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Award Categories

For our customer service super star, who makes any stay in your local area that much more delightful.
For those cooks and chefs who strive to ensure Tasmania is constantly on the plate by insisting on local, seasonal produce in their culinary creations.
That one person who works, drives, inspires and excites everyone around them so your local event goes off with a bang.
On any holiday there is that one stand-out experience when you meet a real story teller, often an impassioned volunteer, who can paint a picture with words and takes you on a journey you'll never forget.
Not just one for the outdoors. We're looking for the guide who constantly creates the adventure for our visitors, through their excitement and passion for our special places.
Our very best producer, farm-gater or artisan who creates the best 'Behind the Scenery' experiences.
This is a special award that recognises a business person who excels in creating new and innovative visitor experiences – big or small, that inspires us all.
We all know it when we see it, a young talented new comer using their energy and new ideas to  get things going! We want to celebrate these future leaders.

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